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VONA assisted its client with management support for a project to provide security for a major sporting event.

Assignment background and objectives

France’s Security Industries Sector Strategy Committee (Comité Stratégique de Filière – CSF) appointed Vona to support it in scoping the project to provide security for a major sporting event with international reach, conducted with the French Ministry of the Interior

Working method proposed by VONA

VONA’s support entailed two key objectives:

1. Design the overall approach to the event’s security

  • Details of actions to take, and the associated schedule
  • Risk assessment methodology for 200 sites
  • Target project organisation with the French government and firms in the Strategy Committee
  • Consolidation of the approach through workshops held with various national bodies (Youth & National Service Centres, the Secretariat-General for National Defense and Security, the police, Ministerial Committee on Security Industries and Cyber-threats, the Interior Ministry’s Digital Unit), Rugby World Cup 2023 and the event organisers

2. Coordinate the project and lead other working parties

  • “Architecture and Technologies” working party
  • “Legal” working party
  • “Sector and events communication” working party
  • Coordinate teams and organise steering committee meetings

Client benefits from the assignment

  • Full scoping and proposal to the French government of the plan for the event, estimated to be worth several million euros
  • Consortium formed to carry out the project
  • Anti-trust risks dealt with

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