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VONA combines expertise and innovation, covering a broad scope so as to convert your technological know-how into customer benefits and optimise your digital bases.

Marketing targeting both your customers and your functional business users

We firmly believe that adopting innovation requires a strategy to be put in place to be sure of securing the customer benefits it can deliver. And to obtain these benefits, it is vital that these organisations put a targeted marketing and communication strategy in place, making full use of the digital resources available.

At the same time, IT departments and CISOs need to showcase their expertise to functional departments and justify their spending, to underline their contribution to the company’s business plans. To do so, they require support and guidance in marketing and communicating about the services they provide.

Converting your technological know-how
into customer benefits

Digital service offerings need to be promoted to internal customers (your functional business departments) and external customers alike.

To this end, the various sections in the IT department have to implement a marketing and communication strategy to showcase the services they provide.

Organisations need to:

  • Market innovation to optimise the user experience and highlight customer benefits
  • Optimise business-line project security and productivity by highlighting the services the IT and IS security departments can provide

VONA's expertise

At VONA, we support and guide our customers in using digital resources to improve how they promote their service offerings to their functional business users or their external customers.

Market innovation to optimise the user experience and highlight customer benefits

  • Include digital resources within the marketing and communication strategy (SEO, community management, email campaigns, content marketing, etc.)
  • Provide an omni-channel customer journey and optimise the user experience (UX, UI, conversion funnel via the AARRR framework, etc.)

Market the services provided by the IT and IS security departments to functional departments

  • Make services available through sales kits or internal service catalogues

There are four main stages to our working method

Audit & Benchmarking

  • Internal and external benchmarking services
  • Price positioning benchmarking
  • Digital strategy audit: website, CM, communication campaigns, internal service catalogue, intranet
  • Customer experience audit: conversion funnel, omni-channel customer journey

Strategy & Governance

  • Service/product (internal & external) approach recommendations
  • Pricing strategy recommendations
  • Communication strategy (internal & external) recommendations
  • Customer experience (internal & external) optimisation strategy recommendations

Operationnal approach

  • Service catalogues
  • Online/Offline sales kits
  • Omni-channel customer journey (internal & external) processes/procedures
  • Internal and external communication kits: website, intranet, mail shots, CM

Monitoring & reporting

  • Process supervision and suggested areas for improvement
  • Define KPIs
  • Monitor dashboards
  • Analyse digital metrics (Google Analytics, Semrush, etc.)

What we offer


  • Put a distribution strategy in place
  • Build a customer journey and optimise the user experience
  • Put a pricing strategy in place
  • Build a product/service strategy

Analysis of the existing situation

How can innovation be highlighted?

  • Undertake market research/benchmarking
  • Determine the positioning of a service line
  • Assess the established customer journey
  • Website audit: SEO, content, technical aspects, etc
  • Assess the strategy on social media by means of KPIs

Operational factors

  • Put a communication plan (internal and external) in place
  • Produce sales kits and service catalogues
  • Build an email campaigns strategy

KPI reporting and monitoring

  • Define, produce and analyse KPIs
  • Build dashboards
  • Provide management and decision support


  • Mettre en place une stratégie de distribution
  • Elaborer un parcours client et optimiser l’expérience utilisateur.rice
  • Mettre en place une stratégie tarifaire
  • Effectuer une stratégie produit/service

Analyse de l’existant

Comment mettre en avant l’innovation?

  • Réaliser une étude de marché, un benchmark
  • Définir le positionnement d’une offre de services
  • Evaluer le parcours client établit
  • Audit de site web: référencement, contenu, technique, etc
  • Evaluation de la stratégie sur les réseaux sociaux à travers les KPIs clés


  • Mettre en place un plan de communication (interne/externe)
  • Réaliser des kits de vente et catalogue de services
  • Elaborer une stratégie d’emailing

Reporting et Suivi KPI

  • Définir et analyser les KPIs clés
  • Réaliser des tableaux de bord
  • Aider au pilotage et à la décision

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