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VONA offers you support and guidance in transforming your organisation and in protecting and leveraging value from your data assets.

Vona saw its revenue increase by 73% between 2019 and 2020
25 consultants and partners, all specialists in cybersecurity and digital transformation
VONA works on 3 continents – Europe, North America and Africa

VONA adapts to meet your challenges

VONA adapts to meet your challenges

Risk management

It is now an established fact that the likelihood of companies being attacked and suffering potentially critical harm is increasing significantly and regularly. To protect your value, assets and reputation, it is crucial to protect yourself and anticipate these risks, and so avoid sustaining such impacts.

The key issues surrounding control over that risk are explained here.

Adapting your IT Department to optimise your productivity

If they are to adapt to technological and organisational changes, IT departments need to blend agility, security, performance and resilience. At the same time, they also need to work closely with functional business departments and be efficient operationally, to improve productivity and the user experience while providing innovative services.

Click below to read about the major challenges facing IT departments.

Converting your technological expertise into customer benefit

Technological innovations and solutions need to be showcased if they are to be converted into customer benefits. At the same time, IT departments can then become the catalysts for digital transformation. IT departments must consequently improve their communication and marketing to their business departments. This idea is increasingly popular with CISOs.

Click below to read about the challenges around marketing.

VONA protects your data assets and
leverages value from them

VONA protects your data assets and leverages value from them


We help you determine your cybersecurity strategy and governance to ensure the security of your operations and services

Innovation & Services

We offer you support and guidance in managing your digital base with the aim of optimising productivity and new organisational methods


We suggest how best to promote your technological innovations and convert them into customer benefits using marketing and digital resources

Read about our success stories
across various sectors

Read about our success stories across various sectors



Public sector

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VONA is committed to social responsability

Engagements RSE
Engagements RSE

Take a look at Vona’s CSR commitments

VONA has introduced new measures to be sure it includes the challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in all its business activities and business lines.

The measures VONA has put in place focus on three main aspects, namely reducing environmental impact, being a responsible and benevolent employer, and ensuring equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace.