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VONA offers you support and guidance in transforming your organisation and in protecting and leveraging value from your data assets.

VONA’s turnover increased by 40% between 2022 and 2023. 7,8 M€ in 2023
Our 60 consultants and partners are experts in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation
VONA’s activities spread across 4 continents including Europe, North America, Asia and Africa

VONA adapts to meet your challenges

VONA adapts to meet your challenges

Managing Cyber Risks

We can no longer deny how susceptible companies are to suffer from cyberattacks and their dire consequences. The likelihood of such attacks is ever-increasing, and so are their harmful impacts; this is why it is now, more than ever, crucial for you to learn to anticipate the risks that threaten you and your organisation, and to start protecting your assets and reputation accordingly.

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Maximising Productivity Through Your IT Depertement

To address the rapid and impactful changes brought by technological and organisational changes, IT departments must combine agility, security, performance, and resilience. However, they cannot work alone: they need strengthen their connection with business departments to truly exist as an integrated operational body. IT departments thus become a driving force improving both productivity and user experience, while still pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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New technology to improve security

We believe that technologies can play an important part in furthering the security of buildings, data, and people. Those security needs can include our client’s internal infrastructure, as well as the spaces made accessible to their own customers. That is why, we have put effort towards gaining experience in the security field, through collaborating with trusted partners and getting acquainted with new technologies.

Turning the dormant data into business assets

The establishment of indicators, dashboards, reports, or any other kind of document based on the data available in the information systems is a key management and decision-making element, at every executive level and in every functional area of the company.

Protecting information helps you turn it into an asset

Protecting information helps you turn it into an asset


We help you define a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and governance so as to ensure the security of your operations and services

Innovation & Services

Tell us what you need, and we will help you manage your digital assets with the aim of optimising the level of productivity.

How? Through the use of innovative methods of organisation.


We offer our expertise at your service to protect your ecosystem as effectively as possible and guard you against risks.

Data Valorisation

We deploy solutions to help you harness your data and turn it into a powerful tool, driving optimum performance.

Discover our success stories

Discover our success stories



Public sector

VONA is committed to social responsability

Take a look at VONA’s CSR Commitments

VONA takes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to heart and works hard to ensure its business activities align with CSR values.

VONA thus took measures that rest on three main pillars : Reducing Environmental Impact, Being a Responsible and Caring Employer, and Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Diversity in the Workplace.