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Vona assisted its customer with management support for information systems security. This customer’s IS security unit asked for help in determining what resources it needed for operational monitoring of its business (spanning 11 functional departments, 600 applications and 170 projects every year) and building its road map.

Assignment background and objectives

The CISO was particularly focused on:

  • Obtaining an overview of staff’s operational activities, the number of projects supported and their category (third-party management, risk assessment, assistance with invitations to tender, etc.)
  • Anticipating changes in overall workload, and workload per project, to fine-tune where staff are allocated

Working method proposed by VONA

  • Examine the existing management set-up, KPIs and road map
  • Gain understanding of the team’s activities, categories of projects, and the irritants affecting the team
  • Create a project monitoring file
  • Collect and compare quality-controlled data from different departments
  • Build dashboards
  • Assess changes in workloads
  • Produce an annual workload plan, intended to check that the resources and priorities allotted match the department’s activities
  • Communicate to stakeholders (business departments, senior management)

Client benefits from the assignment

  • Optimised operational and financial management of the IS Security department through the production of visual, automated and multi-dimensional dashboards
  • Improved consistency between the roadmaps of the IS Security and the IT departments

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