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VONA acted as project manager for the security of its client’s sites
Public administration

Context of the mission

As part of the definition and implementation of its security policy, the client’s teams called upon VONA to assist them as project manager support.

Stakes of the mission

The two main challenges were to secure all the client’s branches and tertiary sites as well as to raise awareness among all employees about security issues.

Achievement of the mission

  • Developing and implementing the security blueprints based on professional skills, training, and security devices (facilities and technological systems)
  • Framing, planning, and steering (be it functional, technical, economic, or legal) of the programme by implementing the security policy (facilities and technological systems)
  • Supporting and leading the security network (management, regions, and agencies)
  • Animation of security bodies at national and local levels
  • Providing operational assistance for the procurement process of technological systems (video protection, access control, intrusion detection, alarms and hypervision)
  • Contract monitoring with integrators to ensure quality of service(QoS)
  • Ensuring continuous improvement, and proper management of obsolescence

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