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VONA advised its customer on setting up a process to ensure security was built into agile IS projects. The client intended to adopt a “security by design” approach to project implementations

Assignment background and objectives

The client, a financial organisation in Canada, was planning to run projects in “agile mode”. To limit the risks, the organisation intended to incorporate security from the outset in all projects (i.e. security by design).

Working method proposed by VONA

  • Assess the existing process through 10 interviews, and an examination of the documentation and current toolkit used
  • Propose a target process suited to the agile method
  • Design an upgradeable project security support tool, in conjunction with the IS Security team
  • Change management through two trial projects

Client benefits from the assignment

  • Optimised process for incorporating security in projects
  • Improved management by setting up KPI (Key Performance Indicators) monitoring
  • Satisfaction of entire IS Security team, according to a survey conducted six months after the new process was introduced

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