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VONA guides you through the development of a digital strategy that optimises both productivity and user experience.

We work closely with IT Departments to help them evolve their processes and find the technological solutions best suited to their needs.

Putting Digital Services At The Heart Of Your Strategy

Digital transformation has emerged as a strategic vehicle for companies, and brings along multiple fundamental benefits in both social and operational terms. Digital technology has the potential to encourage mobility, facilitate collaborative work, and ease access to information. In particular, it improves the value proposition of companies through automation, which reduces costs and delays, and through the creation of new customer contact channels.

We truly believe that in order to optimise productivity levels and adapt to new organisational methods (WFH, digitalisation of the means of communication, etc.), CIOs et CISOs must seize the challenges of information management.

Adapting your IT Department to optimise
your productivity

Digital transformation will always involve a few bumps on the road. ISDs must take several issues into consideration when defining their roadmap:

  • Delivering cutting-edge services to companies to boost productivity and user experience (big data, zero-trust, ITSM, No-code, IoT, etc.)
  • Use a combination of agility, security, performance, and resilience to adapt to shifting organisational paradigms (mobility, SaaS, etc.)
  • Create a data governance framework to enable secure and efficient information exchange
  • Streamline the information system to reduce technical debt and related costs
  • Promote the services offered by the IT department to strengthen its ties with the functional departments

VONA's expertise

At VONA, we support CIOs in drawing their roadmap, with one goal in mind: optimise the level of productivity and ease new organisational methods.

Improve ISD’s operational efficiency 

  • Optimise and automate ITIL processes (Incident Management, Change Management, etc.) using an ITSM solution
  • Build a user-focused operational excellence organisation (Lean Management)
  • Identify areas where cost can be reduced, such as management of technical debt

Strengthen the bond between ISDs and functional departments

  • Support functional departments in the sometimes quick implementation of IS changes (SaaS subscription, no-code applications, etc.)
  • Encourage information sharing through data governance and related equipment (Big Data)
  • Ease the access to service offerings through sales kits or service catalogues

Blend agility, security, performance and resilience to cope with changes in organisational methods 

  • Roll out technological innovations that are the best suited to new ways of accessing information systems (Cloud, SaaS, teleworking, Mobile First, etc.)
  • Use agile methods to develop digital solutions systematically
  • Guarantee the quality, availability, and security of the proposed solutions

Our Working Method In Three Steps

Organisational Assessment

  • Interviewing key stakeholders within IT and functional departments
  • Analysing the IT department’s main challenges and requirements
  • Assessing existing systems, technologies, processes, etc.

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

  • Reengineering processes
  • Defining a target organisation
  • Identifying axes of cost reduction (through a coherent sourcing strategy)
  • Defining the needs in terms of technological innovation

IT Strategic Plan

  • Developing an implementation roadmap
  • Assisting clients through invitations to tender
  • Supporting and guiding the management of innovative projects
  • Implementing ITSM
  • Procuding a service catalogue

Our Approach Rests on Several Pillars


  • Develop and capitalise from your employees’ talent to cover critical roles and drive digital service innovation
  • Develop a technology roadmap to build a reliable and cost-effective digital foundation
  • Adopt a sourcing strategy that aligns with the strategic roles and objectives of your human capital


  • Establish governance with relevant stakeholders, including functional business units, finance, and legal, to ensure secure and compliant sharing of data with both internal and external partners
  • Oversee sourcing to maintain service quality across the entire value chain, spanning from network infrastructure to business applications
  • Navigate the strategic roadmap throughout the process and ensure that key objectives are reached

Operational excellence

  • Transform the IT department into a proactive service operator for functional business units, fostering innovation and enabling access to data
  • Digitise and standardise operations according to a true ITSM philosophy
  • Better the coordination of IT services and establish a comprehensive system for shared data management
  • Support and guide the business in its transition towards becoming a service provider, using techniques such as customer journey mapping and lean management principles


  • Develop and execute major service transformation programs, with a particular focus on ITSM and big data initiatives
  • Support and guide functional departments in their digital transformations and protect their critical data assets whilst ensuring regulatory compliance with relevant regulations
  • Provide assistance in Change Management to leverage the available skills and align employee motivation with your strategic goals

KPI reporting and monitoring

  • Define, generate, and analyse KPIs
  • Create dashboards
  • Offer support in management and decision-making processes


Favoriser l’usage de solutions numériques afin de couvrir les missions stratégiques et assurer l’innovation
Définir une stratégie organisationnelle adaptée à l’intégration de ces solutions numériques
Porter une politique de sourcing alignée sur les missions stratégiques et le développement des services numériques
Définir une roadmap stratégique incluant l’ensemble des actions à travers les différents leviers digitaux


Assurer une gouvernance avec les acteurs clés (Métiers, Finance, Juridique) pour permettre une ouverture maîtrisée des données à des partenaires internes et externes
Veiller au pilotage du sourcing afin de garantir une qualité de service sur toute la chaîne de valeur
Piloter la feuille de route stratégique et veiller à l’atteinte des objectifs clés

Excellence opérationnelle

Transformer les directions en opérateur de services proactifs pour les métiers et clients externes, en vue de favoriser l’innovation
Développer une offre de services à travers l’élaboration de kits de vente et catalogues de services
Digitaliser et industrialiser dans une approche ITSM
Accompagner en AMOA
Elaborer des kits de communication internes et externes
Optimiser le parcours client interne et externe dans une approche omnicanale


Définir et mettre en œuvre les grands programmes de transformation des services, en particulier autour de l’ITSM et du Big Data
Assurer un accompagnement au changement vers des activités à plus forte valeur ajoutée
Mobiliser les compétences et aligner les motivations des collaborateur.rice.s avec votre stratégie
Suivre l’efficacité du nouveau mode d’organisation et des usages des services numériques

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