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Vona advised a government department in managing its digital transformation and process standardisation programme for its IT unit. This unit, with some 7,000 members of staff, designs, develops, implements and manages more than 1,500 information systems.

Assignment background and objectives

The assignment consisted of four key objectives:

To achieve the digital targets of the government department to which the IT unit reports, the unit had to undertake a digital transformation of its own, and in particular:

  • digitalise a whole set of processes using a solution based on the ServiceNow platform
  • upgrade and optimise the client journey
  • automate the most time-consuming tasks
  • improve overall process management

Working method proposed by VONA

Programme management for all the integration projects and technical-functional requirements specifications the integrator was to use as reference documentation:

  • handle standard IT processes first (incidents, service calls), before extending the work to other processes
  • integrate mature, previously optimised, processes, aiming to achieve some initial success within a limited scope
  • run workshops involving key users (functional departments and operations) to ensure quick adoption by all concerned
  • use solution prototypes in running workshops and help users anticipate their future use
  • meet stated requirements while ideally using the solution in a standard configuration

Client benefits from the assignment

  • a scope with continually expanding IT and non-IT processes was integrated, exceeding the initial objectives
  • the solution implemented consequently forms part of the day-to-day routine for all staff in the unit, and more broadly the entire staff of the Ministry to which the unit reports
  • standardised processes within a single solution means:
    • a number of existing information systems were replaced, reducing the TCO
    • more reliable processing and greater operational efficiency
    • an improved user experience, for its functional clients and operational users alike
  • a boost to the continuous improvement process thanks to the provision of KPIs and dashboards shared by everyone

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