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VONA supported its customer by offering project management support for implementing an anti-money laundering solution. The customer intended to replace its current AML system with a new solution, and the purpose of our assignment was to improve the customer’s organisation and processes in order to better meet the current challenges surrounding anti-money laundering.

Assignment background and objectives

The customer’s stated requirements regarding the new solution were:

  • Specify a solution to detect suspicious activity, based on new technologies and big data
  • Develop an in-house solution for dealing with money-laundering warnings

Working method proposed by VONA

  • Determine the overall scope of the project
  • Identify the source data to be analysed
  • Construct a datalake and business lake, to produce analysis scenarios
  • Set up a team of data scientists tasked with creating scenarios for detecting suspicious activity and measure its effectiveness
  • Review the workflow for dealing with laundering warnings and the associated roles through workshops
  • Define and implement an internal system incorporating BPM (Business Process Management) functionalities and a new user interface
  • Define and implement operational reports
  • Put data governance in place (data descriptions, GDPR, etc.)

Client benefits from the assignment

  • Compliance with current anti-money laundering regulations
  • Greater agility in implementing new directives and adapting to new patterns of behaviour
  • Substantial financial savings (30%) compared with a market solution
  • Productivity gains in teams dealing with AML warnings

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