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VONA supported its client in designing a security system for major sporting events
Public administration

Context of the mission

In order to develop the French security sector, a technological experimentation programme has been launched (covering cybersecurity, video protection, CBRN, hypervision, drone control, etc.). These experimentations should lead to the acquisition of relevant solutions to help public administration stakeholders in their daily security work.

Stakes of the mission

The main challenges were about testing innovative solutions in a short period of time to guarantee the security of goods and people during major events, and providing the most relevant solutions for the intervention of public administration actors.

Achievement of the mission

The main stages

  • Building the framework for the experimentation programme with the client’s teams
  • Managing tender procedures to address the needs.
  • Managing the conduct of the experimentations
  • Identifying and monitoring programme KPIs and assessing the solutions’ relevance
  • Delivering feedback reports
  • Prefiguring a solution acquisition plan
  • Coordinating bodies and teams
  • Defining the economic model for the experimentations

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