Our Responsible Approach

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, VONA has introduced new measures into all its activities and business operations to engage in the related challenges. VONA mainly focuses on reducing environmental impact, being a responsible and caring employer, and ensuring equal opportunities for all and diversity.

VONA’s CSR Commitments

As of 2020, VONA made a firm commitment to incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) considerations throughout all its operations and business segments. According to VONA, “A truly responsible company should prioritise the welfare of all its stakeholders and the environment in which it operates.”

This is why VONA is committed to honoring 3 commitments and 8 sub-commitments:

In 2022, VONA was awarded the gold medal for its CSR actions by the independent platform EcoVadis. VONA is among the top 3% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in the business sector “Computer Programming, Advice, and Related Activities.”

Reducing the Environmental Impact of VONA and its Teams

Structuring and and Formalising an Eco-Responsible Approach

VONA is dedicated to adopting an eco-responsible approach in the management of its administrational aspects and its teams. A reflection on our purchasing processes is also repeated on a yearly basis.

Raising Employee Awareness of Environmental Challenges

VONA cannot reduce its environmental impact without the involvement of all its employees. Several awareness sessions on environmental challenges are scheduled yearly so as to fully integrate all employees into VONA’s CSR strategy.

Measuring the Global Impact of Our Business and Our Consulting Services

VONA has developed a tool to calculate the carbon footprint of its services. These have been communicated to all clients and publicly shared since the summer of 2022 with the aim of raising awareness. Additionally, VONA measures its overall carbon footprint to analyse its environmental toll and to eventually find out how to reduce it.

🎯Actions carried out on this pillar:

  • Green IT Policy
  • Responsible Purchasing Policy
  • Mobility Policy
  • Environmental Charter – Outlining VONA’s commitments and goals related to environmental sustainability and responsibility

Be a Responsible and Caring Employer

Ensure fair and transparent compensation

At VONA, value creation is a collective affair. As a result, VONA highly prioritises fairness and transparency in its compensation policy and increase.

Ensure the health and well-being of all employees at work

At VONA, everyone is responsible for his work and how they organise such as to why every individual is given the possibility to adapt working conditions to feel the best possible on a daily basis.

🎯Actions carried out on this pillar:

  • Compensation Policy
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Guides to Promote Well-Being at Work

Ensure Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Promote women in the digital work environment

Today, women represent merely 11 % of all employees in the workforce of cybersecurity.

At VONA, 52 % of all employees represent women. VONA is committed to encouraging and promoting women in access to positions of responsibility and in implementing a corporate culture benevolent towards all.

Integrate diversity in our recruitment process
VONA actively engages in implementing the necessary means to attract and integrate profiles diversified to its team. Trainings in the fight against discrimination in hiring processes have already taken place.

Raise awareness of digital professions

VONA, through several actions organised by its collaborators, actively works to raise awareness to the youngest towards professions and risks of the digital area. Thus, each year, our consultants are raising awareness to primary school students by spending time with them in their school.

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What makes Us unique

Discover our purpose and the values that drive us

At VONA, we intend to put the values ​​that underpin our corporate culture at the heart of our project. These values represent our identity and guide us though our behaviours and working methods.

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“Working at VONA means having responsibilities whilst enjoying a personalised and tailored support, in a caring environment.“

Noaïma, Cybersecurity Consultant and CSR Manager